It all started when…


The project was born in Bologna, Italy, during February of 2017.

UND is the result of the aesthetic and conceptual affinity of Margherita Bojola and Giada Fratini.

Giada is a Jurist, a project manager and loves the Arts.

Margherita is a Fashion Designer and belongs to a creativity made of paper, yarns and fabrics.

UND is a reality of women, that while understanding market trends, stands against the general trend of fast fashion and its principles, embracing a philosophy of respect for the body and the environment.

Giada and Margherita, Bologna, May 2019

Giada and Margherita, Bologna, May 2019

7 Questions with Margherita & Giada: respecting Earth and our bodies


1• What inspired you to launch UND Swimwear? 

The idea was to design and create swimwear conceived by women for women, models that valorize the body instead of “embellishing” it. Our models do not have underwires or seams on the edges that would “alter” the shapes, but instead cuts studied to embrace and gently support. UND is the result of our aesthetic and conceptual affinity.

2• How is UND swimwear ‘inspired by the idea of freedom’?What inspired you to launch UND swimwear? What were you doing before this?

Our models are conceived to embrace, and not to constrain. We design models without loose laces, that allow to run on the beach, play volleyball or even just take a walk without being concerned to show more than what we’d like to be shown.

3• Where do you find your design inspiration for the collection?

Everywhere. From displays, art, photography, the great masters of fashion. But each season the “theme” is always somehow compatible and linked to the idea of movement.

4• How do UND swimwear designs promote body confidence?

Our models are designed and cut to valorize the curves and not to alter the shapes, to embrace and gently support the body, almost becoming like a ‘second skin’. Our designs do not have any underwire or seams that cut into the body, and instead, are crafted to mould to your natural shape. This allows confident freedom of movement whether you are tanning, swimming or playing volleyball on the beach. All models are reversible and can be worn inside out for a closer fit.  

5• Why was it important to you to create a sustainable swimwear line?

To us sustainability is a prerequisite, not just an option. Our philosophy of embracing is at 360 degrees. We are aware that the clothing industry is one of the most polluting on earth, that consumerism is a real problem and that we do not want to take part in creating the problem. That’s why we chose to create items with minimal and timeless aesthetics, that last season after season without losing their original beauty.

6• What steps did you take to make UND swimwear as sustainable and ethical as possible?

To make UND as sustainable as possible we worked in “multiple directions”, both technological and conceptual: Our models are crafted with a recycled Lycra, that comes from recycled fishing nets retrieved from our oceans. Our production is 100% controlled and Italian. Furthermore, our models are reversible - making them like two swimsuits in one - and suitable not just to be used on the beach, but also as fancy activewear or styled to go out at night. To make it simple our philosophy is “buy less but better”!

7• Ethical fashion is an extremely broad topic. What is your definition of ‘ethical fashion’?

Ethical fashion is a concept that involves the respect not just for Earth, but also for ourselves and for our body. We believe it is important to keep in mind that what we do and produce today will affect the world of tomorrow, and that’s why reducing our impact is not merely an option but an investment and necessity. The clothing industry can be polluting and unethical for many reasons (materials, seasonality of trends, exploitation, etc..), so we need to think and find solutions to this. By conceiving timeless items and collections? By creating items with multiple purposes? By using recycled materials? Probably. All of us should think and find more and more solutions!