the essentials





Essential cuts. Essential colors

These models represent the essence of our concept and the carry overs of our collections.





the ss 18 collection

With its bold palette, the SS18 collection is inspired by the clean cuts of the 90's

and the femininity of the flamboyant 70's.

UND SWIMWEAR - SS18 - web17.jpg
UND SWIMWEAR - SS18 - web01.jpg
UND SWIMWEAR - SS18 - web13.jpg
UND SWIMWEAR - SS18 - web04.jpg
UND SWIMWEAR - SS18 - web07.jpg




Our models are designed and cut to valorize the curves and not to alter the shapes, to embrace and gently support the body, almost becoming like a ‘second skin’. This allows confident freedom of movement whether you are tanning, swimming or playing volleyball on the beach.


We worked in “multiple directions”, both technological and conceptual: our models are crafted with a recycled Lycra. Our production is 100% controlled and Italian. Furthermore, a lot of our models are reversible and suitable not just to be used on the beach, but also as fancy activewear or styled to go out at night.


The whole production chain, from the design of the models and choice of the fabrics to the finished item, is developed in Italy, between Bologna, Florence and Rimini. All the care and the dedication we put into the creation of our swimwear make our brand made in Italy.